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Guarded Hot Plate

With guarded hot plate according to ISO 8302, ASTM C518, DIN EN 1946-3, EN 12664, EN 12667, EN 12939

Devices with guarded hot plate are primarily used by testing and research institutions.  Due to the high measuring accuracy they are ideally suited for reference measurements and external quality control. All devices are available as one and two plate versions.


One plate and two plate method

With the exception of the TLP 300 series, all devices with guarded hot plate can be converted from a one plate to a two plate version with little effort. The two plate version requires two completely identical samples. For the one plate version only one sample is needed.


  • One plate methodOne plate method
  • Two plate methodTwo plate method




Calculation of thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity λ is calculated as follows:

λ = (U · I · d) / (A · ΔT) U:

voltage of heating plate in [V]
current of heating plate in [A]
sample thickness in [m]
measuring area in [m²]
temperature difference in [K]


The thermal conductivity lambda is calculated from the power that is put into the heating plate (power = voltage x current), the sample thickness (thickness, dimensions) and the temperature difference. The result is a material constant that is valid irrespective of the dimensions of the sample. The thermal resistance is the reciprocal of the thermal conductivity (1 / λ).


Field of application

Determining the thermal conductivity and thermal resistance of insulation, building and construction materials.

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